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What Is The Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets Guide?

The Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets guide that will show any player of World of Warcraft how to make gold easily and reach the gold cap as quickly as possible! World of Warcraft is the biggest MMORG game in the world and has over 80 million players that pay a fee every month in order to play!

There are already spending money to play the game!

Couple this with the fact that the guide contains insider techniques on how to make gold in the new Cataclysm update and also strategies that are untouched as well as video proof you have a RED HOT converting niche!

How Much Can I Make?

The Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets guide currently sells for $34.95 and you will make 75% commission of each and every sale!

Just look at how much you can make promoting this guide:

If you make 1 sale a day you will get $25.50 minus Clickbank fees - this will make you $178.50 a week!

That is with one sale!

That is just with one sale a day!

You can easily make 3 - 5 sales a day in this niche and with a bit of work 10+!

They will also get a discount offered to them as they leave with $10 off so you will get 75% of all of these sales as well.

Proof Of Conversions

One of the most important things that you want to know as an affiliate is how the product converts.

Well Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets has been fully tested, tweaked and optimized for top conversions.

I am an actual World of Warcraft player myself so I know what this crowd are looking for and believe me one of the most important things in the game is mastering the art of gold making.

As well as that the guide converts so well because it is one of the ONLY guides that has been fully updated for the Cataclysm update.

Check out this screenshot that will show you how easy it is to get conversions:

This screenshot shows conversions as low as 2 sales for 9 hops!


How Do I Get Started?

All you need to get started is your special affiliate link:

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Please find all the tools that you will need to start making sales below and see how easy this converts!

Article Marketing:

Here are some articles that you can use in your promotions - of course it is better if you rewrite them first to make sure that you get ranked on the search engines.

For best results I recommend using:

Ezine Articles
Go Articles
Articles Base



More coming soon...

Forum Marketing:

This can work really well in the World of Warcraft niche as alot of gamers will go looking for tips on how to make gold and level on the top forums.

Basically all you need to do to promote the guide is join in the conversation and you can put your affiliate link or landing page in your signature.

For best results you should use a landing page otherwise you may get banned from the forum if they see an affiliate link.

If you join in and give some real information you will be able to get easy sales while you are "softly" selling the product.

The best forums for this are:

Here are some signature text ideas:


YOUTUBE Marketing

Another way to make easy money is to use youtube - just like the forum and article marketing above a lot of people use Youtube to look for tips and tricks that will help them make gold.

You are welcome to use the 2 videos from the homepage:



The best way is to upload your video and then put a link in your description like this:

-- YOURAFFLINK -- Find out how to make easy gold in WOW with a fully updated Cataclysm guide

That way your link will appear above the fold and you will get more clicks.

Another cool thing that you can do to get traffic is use the YOUTUBE promoted video function and that means that you are able to select the keywords that you want people to find you under on Youtube and get a ton of views.

Also remember to subscribe to other channels like yours and also leave comments.

If you need any help with this let me know - just send an email to support(at)




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More aff tools on the way...






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